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Dog Condolence Cards: Express Your Sympathy With A Heartfelt Poem

Dog Condolence Cards are one small way you can help someone who is grieving the loss of their best friend, their dog.

Anyone who has ever lost their dog can understand how heartbreaking it is, by sending a Dog Condolence Card, that even includes the dogs name,  you will let the greiving person know they are not alone in their grief.

I’m sure you know someone who has a dog that is very dear and close to their heart, whether it be your husband or wife, your son or daughter, your mother or father, or just your next door neighbor.  Dogs play a huge role in people’s lives, so when that awful day comes and the dog passes away, one way you can help them deal with their grief is to send them a Dog Condolence Card.

These Dog Condolence Cards are a wonderful and sincere way to help anyone, regardless of their age or relationship to you, to deal with a very stressful and painful time in their lives.  They feel alone and like no one else can possibly understand their pain, a Dog Condolence Card will let them know they are not alone and you do understand their pain.

There is a Dog Condolence Card for every age and person, perhaps the dog that has passed was your family pet, but you can see your children are having a hard time dealing with it.  A Dog Condolence Dog with an original verse geared towards children with an easy to understand poem, that even includes the name of the dog, will help them understand, that it’s alright to feel this way and that it won’t always feel like this, things will get better, and in time they will be able to talk about their dog with laughter instead of tears.

Maybe the dog condolence Card is for your husband or wife,  there are original one of a kind poems geared towards everyone, regardless of their relationship to you.  You can even send a Dog Condolence Card that has a personal poem, written especially for the person or family receiving the Dog Condolence Card,  the verse will be written using information provided by you that you would like included in the poem.  You can add the person and dogs names, things they enjoyed doing together, like going to the store, waiting for scraps while the family dinner was being  prepared, riding in the back of the pickup, camping or fishing. Whatever the memory it can be included in a unique and personal poem that will not be used in any other Dog Condolence Card.

Handwritten Dog Condolence Cards are so much more personal and meaningful than an e-cards, which really do not convey how much you care for the person, and also the dog. The person receiving the Dog Condolence Card will think so much of the fact that you sent them something personal, something they can hold and read time and time again to help bring them comfort.  At a time of loss a card that can be held and kept, means so much to the person receiving it, it says that you care and really is the only decent thing to send, you would never dream of sending a condolence e-card to anyone, just because it’s a dog that has passed doesn’t make it acceptable either. A Dog Condolence Card says so much more than sorry.

The Dog Condolence Card can even be sent directly to the recipient with your message of condolence, handwritten for you, even the return address label will have your name and address. So if you know someone who is hurting and missing their best friend let them know you understand and are there for them by sending them a Dog Condolence Card.

Dog Condolence Cards


  • I think dogs make the best pets. Sure they take more looking after than cats but dogs are much more intelligent. If they see you as the pack leader they will dedicate themselves to serving you and protecting you.

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